Hello everyone and welcome to the new home of ‘The Elves and the Woodbotherer’.

We have had a busy and wonderful summer. In particular the Woodbotherer games have been getting out and about all over Auckland. To meet this wonderful new popularity the Woodbotherer has been making some new games. The latest is a game called ‘Toptafel”.

The idea is that you have a small spinning top around which you wind a string. You can then launch the spinning top from the front of the game sending it spinning around the board, hopefully knocking over the skittles along the way. Each skittle has a score – the highest scoring being at the far end of the board.


Theo tries his luck at Toptafel

It is really fun – and you certainly need more that one go. Evie has the high score of 200 in our family.


Spinning top in action

Is it skill? Is it luck – not sure yet. Certainly is fun though!

Games are available for hire. Contact Sam 09 8272653 or email woodbotherer.co.nz for details.


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